Top 5 Male Golfers & Their Story

The United States has been and still is the home of the most successful golfers in the whole world. They have been not only highly skilled and have not only won dozens and dozens of competitions but shaped golf into what we know it as today. And their achievements and contribution to golf have been truly mind blowing. Let us show you what is so great about the top 5 male golfers of all time!

  1. Tiger Woods. Although Tiger Woods isn’t the one who won the most majors, he has been dominant in more than just competitions. Yes, the height of his accomplishments in terms of both numbers and wins, the way he dominated tournaments and individual majors, his continuously successful seasons, and the huge totals are unparalleled. But that is only a fraction of his achievements. He turned professional in 1996 when he was 20 years old and by April 1997, he had already won three PGA tour events plus his first major, the 1997 Masters. He has earned most money with his victories, more Player of the Year awards, more scoring titles. That’s what makes him the number one golfer of all time.
  2. Jack Nicklaus. Widely considered one of the best and most consistent golfers, Jack Nicklaus is the number two on our and many other tops as well. He hasn’t had that huge success of Tiger Woods. But that doesn’t mean that he is a smaller figure in the world of golf! He won 18 majors, which is more than any other golfer’s achievements, including Tiger Woods. Not only that, he finished second in 19 other majors. Although he has been more consistent than Woods, he didn’t reach such heights in his career.
  3. Ben Hogan. Hogan’s persona is less known compared to Woods’ and Nicklaus’. Despite that, he won 9 career professional major championships, which ties him with Gary Player. Only Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Walter Hagen have had more wins than him. But his activity is most notable for his impact on golf swing theory.

Although he has gone through immense difficulties during his childhood, struggled to win his first pro tournament, and his career was almost ended due to a horrific auto accident, Hogan managed to secure his 9 major wins and 62 career wins and greatly impact golf.

  1. Bobby Jones. Bobby Jones has won every major of the four existed in the 1930s – the British and US Open championships, and again, the British and US Amateur championships. He has won those events 13 times. But his most known achievement is his wins of all four events in the same calendar year, 1930, which is called Grand Slam in the world of golf. Then, Jones retired at the age of 28 and established the Masters. You can argue that Jones is the best ever golfer, but, although the lack of depth in his era doesn’t overshadow his great achievements, his activity is not as spectacular as Woods’ or Nicklaus’.
  2. Arnold Palmer. One of the best putters ever, Palmer has won seven major championships and have had 62 victories on the PGA Tour. But the wins of Palmer aren’t the things making him the number five on our today’s ranking. Nicknamed the King, Palmer was one of the most popular stars and the most important trailblazer of golf. He was the first superstar of the television age of sport, which began in the 1950s. It was thanks to Palmer’s social impact that the perception of golf as an upper-class and elite pastime changed and made golf accessible for middle and working classes. He is the person who has shaped golf into the way it is known today. Although Palmer is only number five on the top, without his efforts, the successes of the most other golfers would be impossible.